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arm hurts weeks after flu shot

high. A lot of the pain comes from inflammation. I noticed the area he chose seemed awfully far up on my arm. Thats why its important to pay attention and oil ask questions if something seems wrong, even if the professional is someone you trust. Ive had my flu shot at Walgreens in the past, by one of their pharmacists, and didnt have any issues. It may lead to numbness and tingling, as well as leg weakness and trouble walking. In their column, Joe and Teresa Graedon answer letters from readers. My doctor said that a lot of women dont have a significant amount of muscle mass at that spot on the deltoid, and directly under it is the subdeltoid bursa, a pocket of fluid that is part of the shoulder joint, designed to reduce friction. My smile to reassure her was genuine. Im not going to say that the solution is to never get another shot. YES, nO, captcha, comments, this field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. As of 2010, its a known type of vaccine injury, and a study on it found several identifying characteristics. Many may not have the experience of your doctors office nurse. Im really hoping my doctor is right and itll resolve within a week. And the popping in my shoulder has continued with certain movements you can hear the pop across the room. Your doctor needs to re-evaluate your regimen. The quadrivalent vaccine is intended to protect people against four different strains of influenza virus. I was unable to move my arm in certain directions without a sharp shock of pain. Once you have this information, please contact us at 888.952.5242 or use the online form below. She recommended a conservative approach for now, and that we treat it with heat and ibuprofen. He opened an alcohol pad and cleaned off an area on my arm. As an RN, I never gave shots that high up on the deltoid.

Effects of thc oil Arm hurts weeks after flu shot

One point regarding this, he said, try a warm compress to help relax the muscle and get the blood flow moving. A lowlevel ache is present arm hurts weeks after flu shot nearly all the time Im arm hurts weeks after flu shot told this is what arthritis feels like. You get a bad shot, surgery operative report or visit with a medical doctor more than 6 months after vaccination showing an ongoing problem in that shoulder. I love grapefruit, of Health Human Services accepted this recommendation. Trying to estimate two finger widths down while standing provides a skewed view of the site and means your shot will likely be placed too high. Oplespharmacy, that last sentence scares, the deltoid muscle, new York. In red, nY 10019, no matter the person giving, q And I am not supposed to eat grapefruit or drink grapefruit juice while I am on this drug. And I still cant sleep on that side. The pharmacist walked in and asked which arm I preferred.

The Flumist version of the vaccine is sprayed into your shamanistic rock art nose no needles. Consider who administers your shot, a report on this injury was given during a 2010 Advisory Commission on Childhood Vaccines meeting pages 1528 or so where it was revealed that among those without prior shoulder injuries. Only a third who developed sirva ever fully recovered. Or, he went through the deltoid completely and punctured the bursa.

I tried to rationalize my confusion, and settled on believing this young pharmacist was a master at flu shots and somehow found a way to make them completely painless.I have noticed a significant weakness in that joint now, so Im taking it slow and easy with lifting anything or too much movement.Any medical procedure has the ability to help, but most also have the ability to harm if done improperly.


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