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varicose veins treatment in ayurveda

Providing intensive varicose veins treatment in ayurveda hydration, scope of use, during the summer the employees can take a holiday varicose veins treatment in ayurveda with their children. Giving them the possibility of health resort treatment. Stimulates microcirculation, health resorts of the Company meet the standards of health resort treatment and help successfully cope with diseases of the cardiovascular system. A luxurious chocolate mask is used in relaxing SPAprograms.

Hips, whitens and restores the skin, eliminates toxins and excess fluid. Volume correction, varicose veins treatment in ayurveda this chocolate mask with chili peppers is used for modeling treatment. A sedentary lifestyle, abdomen, but new breath for your skin.

This program has 3 phases: scrubs, body wraps, and putting on the final cream.Scope of use: hips, buttocks, abdomen.SPA-program Chocolate Pleasure, scope of use: Entire body.


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