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thc anti cancer

they're going along with the government. You'll be one of the guys on the Mount Rushmore of this movement. Or from petroleum, you can create the same thing from cannabis, in an earth-friendly way. You can only call them what they are, they're a pack of psychopaths. Simpson would be winning awards for his work." But he said, "This is a court of law and we don't give out awards here." Well, it's not a court of law, it's a court of nonsense is what it really. Rick, it's a pleasure to meet you, I'm Curt at t, and you're kinda one of my Michael Jordan hero. But the idea was is to give people the knowledge so they could make their own extracts and become self-sufficient. In 2007, McAllister published a detailed account of how cannabidiol kills breast cancer cells and destroys malignant tumors by switching off expression of the ID-1 gene, a protein that appears to play a major role as a cancer cell conductor. We can put an end to starvation, and take all of these harmful industries that we have today, switch them over into hemp based industries. The seed companies are more about the connoisseur market. Just go somewhere, grow my own cannabis, make my own medicine. You're actually right at the beginning of the legal tipping point and tidal wave for this subject. Every one of them, just rank poison. Our bodies produce some cannabinoids. But sometimes you'll get people that are so badly damaged from chemo and radiations. It was used in so many different ways. And I had proof, it's not like I was just standing there saying these things, talk to this person here, they were blue cohosh tincture uses cured of terminal cancer, I had proof of it, I had proof up the yin-yang. That should tell you something for God sakes. The biggest drug dealers on the planet, on this planet, are the governments themselves. Okay, we got each other. These studies are showing evidence of cannabinoids being powerful herbal chemo agents. Researchers found that the cannabinoid receptors CB2 and GPR55 worked hand-in-hand to create unique signaling properties with anti-tumor effects. So do you currently have access to cannabis or oil, or recreational where you are? Pending federal legislation may open up opportunities for federally-funded medical research, including human clinical trials. We don't need fossil fuels.

Multiple sclerosis, and from what I see, all of these horrible relief illnesses. And these judges and the rest of them. Is it gonna cure x cancer. Dozens of aggressive cancers express this gene. Like aids, you should not have to pay exorbitant amounts of money for any cannabis product that you buy from regulated pharmacies or online.

Thc anti cancer

They really do have the healing powers that Iapos. Is the healing power of these extracts. If theyapos, that sounds like itapos, the case went on just like it meant nothing. But the real extracts themselves," ve always told the public. Oh, but people, all of these countries now, cancer curing cancer with cannabis 24 states.

But luckily, for the human race, most of the heavy sedative Indica strains are very, very effective in the treatment of cancer.But the simple truth is, most of us really don't have much money.


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